FG-Giochi Gioco Sicuro
It is the evolution of the well-known Italia 90 line. With all its versions, it is the leading product of our company, enabling us to become popular in the foreign markets. Rubber-coated grips, shaped feet foosmen, playground with anti-reflex and anti-scratch treatment, extra-slim and glass-stop corners with limited inclination. Cabinet in multilayer laminate 1.2 mm thick, assembled with aluminium profiles and steel-coated heads. Playing field in tempered glass with glass-stop corners in anti-shock material. 18 mm diameter bars with telescopic mechanism for more safety, foosmen printed on the bars with die casting system for greater stability. This item is particularly appreciated because it can be easily personalised, becoming an effective communication tool. Our quality shown by the quality of our products.

Playing field sizes:

114 x 70 • 120,5 x 70

Packaging size: 140 x 80 x 40 cm
Steel-made inner bars c72
Standard colours: oxidation blue, oxidation green, mahogany, black, white
Other features: - Bushings with steel-made ball bearings
- Springs made in highly resistant steel wire
- Iron legs with welded cross bar covered with epoxy anti-scratch paint.

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