FG-Giochi Gioco Sicuro

La FG-GIOCHI Srl is a Sardinia-based company leader in the rental and management of automatic amusement devices. It supplies public venues interested in making their sites more appealing by installing gaming hardware.

La FG-GIOCHI offers highly professional rental service, quick and reliable customer service and specialised consultancy on the new gambling regulations.

Through innovation, service and customer care, we have been able to find clients all over the Region.

With a number of state-of-art products, FG-GIOCHI Srl is the ideal partner of bars, penny arcades, restaurants, shopping centres and entertainment centres.

La FG-GIOCHI aims to:

  • Keep high quality standards through lifelong learning initiatives for our personnel, providing both on-site and external courses;
  • Offer pre- and post-sale assistance to ensure customer satisfaction;
  • Improve and consolidate close business relations with current and future clients;
  • Organise an effective sales office capable of “managing” the relations with the old clients and finding new potential clients;
  • Monitor and improve the working conditions for both our company staff and our clients staff, using adequate safety protection devices.

FG-GIOCHI intends to reinforce our position in the market, at the same time respecting the gaming laws and keeping a correct behaviour with clients and competitors.

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